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SAP is one of Germany’s recent global success stories. Since its foundation in 1972, it has grown to become the world’s largest business software vendor, and is a pioneer in the business solutions and enterprise applications market. A growing number of smaller organisations are implementing SAP’s new SME-targeted products, a vast change from the traditional SAP client of large corporations.

The German economy is the third largest in the world, and is home to numerous Fortune Global 500 companies. It is also an economy heavily involved in international trade, with Germany being the world’s largest exporter of goods in 2007. The diverse industry sectors in the country are all benefiting from the advantages provided by their SAP software. And unlike other European nations, Germany’s economy is not concentrated in and around its capital city.

About SAP ABAP Jobs

SAP software is often customised and integrated with existing systems, and also can be integrated with future systems. Jobs for SAP ABAP Developers require professionals to work with SAP’s programming language to create these required solutions. Jobs for SAP ABAP programming are becoming more common, providing exciting opportunities throughout Germany. SAP ABAP jobs are frequently available as the popularity of SAP software increases.

Jobs for SAP ABAP programming are available across many industry sectors all over Germany, including automotive, manufacturing, banking, finance, shipping, engineering and telecommunications. Many companies such as Bauer Verlagsgruppe, Itelligence, and Jungheinrich publish their jobs for SAP ABAP programming directly on The = Dice site.

Salaries for SAP ABAP Jobs

Jobs for SAP ABAP programming in Germany can be a good stepping-stone to more senior jobs such as team leaders and project managers. Salaries for SAP ABAP jobs can vary greatly, depending on location, experience and candidate profile. Senior positions can attract salaries of around €70,000 per year.

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