SAP APO Jobs in The United Kingdom


SAP has grown from its foundations in 1972 to become one of the most successful business software vendors in the world. In contrast to its traditional client of government and large corporations, SAP has begun targeting the SME sector with new products suitable to the specific needs of smaller organisations.

SAP Advanced Planner & Optimizer (SAP APO) is a comprehensive solution for Supply Chain Management, and is one of SAP’s most popular business solutions. As the supply chain processes are managed over the Internet, business operations can be managed regardless of geographical locations.

About SAP APO Jobs

The UK’s diverse and highly internationalised economy creates many opportunities for SAP APO jobs. The pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, food and beverage processing and logistics industries are all fuelling demand for SAP APO specialised professionals. The UK is a large and affluent market, and is one of the largest economies in the world. It is home to several large corporations, and hosts thousands of international companies accessing the European market from this entry point.

SAP APO professionals optimise the supply chain process by monitoring, collaborating and designing supply networks, demand planning, and logistics planning. The = Dice’s clients publishing SAP APO job vacancies directly on site include Lodestone and Accenture.

Salaries for SAP APO Jobs

Salaries for SAP APO jobs in The UK vary according to experience and seniority, and can range from about £45,000 to £70,000 per year.

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