SAP BW Jobs in The United Kingdom


SAP BW jobs can be found in all parts of The UK working across all sectors. It is vitally important for management decision-making, as it provides accurate and efficient data management. SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) was initially released in 1997, and is highly compatible with other systems. Consequently, it creates a data warehousing system that avoids data loss, inconsistency and incompatibility.

The availability of SAP BW jobs has been increasing in recent years as the importance of IT and business systems grows. As SAP is a leader in the enterprise applications and business solutions field, it has been successful in establishing itself in the UK market. The popularity of SAP products has led to an increasing number of junior SAP BW job opportunities, as companies implement and upgrade SAP software solutions. It is an ideal time for experienced SAP BW professionals to advance their careers, and for freshers to begin.

About SAP BW Jobs

Often used in conjunction with other SAP modules, SAP BW jobs often require expertise with FI, BI and CO. Its popularity with all industry and public sectors has resulted in SAP BW job opportunities being available throughout the country, although there is a concentration in the London area.

Junior SAP BW job opportunities and entry level positions are available for ABAP developers, junior consultants, business analysts and administrators. Senior Consultants, Support Consultants, Business Analysts, Architects, Developers and Project Managers are all SAP BW jobs frequently available for more experienced candidates.

The = Dice assists many of the top organisations in The UK such as IBM and Accenture to find the best candidates for their junior SAP BW job openings, and other SAP BW jobs.

Salaries for SAP BW Jobs

Junior SAP BW job opportunities can attract salaries starting from around £30,000. Testers can attract slightly more, and more senior positions pay over £50,000 per year. Senior Analysts and Consultants can earn well in excess of £60,000 per year.

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