SAP MM Jobs in Belgium

SAP MM Jobs in Belgium

SAP Materials Management is one of the most frequently implemented SAP modules in Belgium, and is usually referred to as SAP MM. Opportunities to work with this module are becoming more common as the phenomenal success of SAP software continues. Often integrated with MM, PP and QM modules, SAP MM contract positions and SAP MM jobs require frequently require expertise across many modules.

SAP MM is used for purchasing, inventory management, batch management, valuation, and classification. The module is popular with organisations frequently undertaking purchasing, which accounts for its popularity in Belgium. A significant part of the Belgian economy is involved with international trade and diplomacy, with Antwerp being Europe’s third busiest port. Organisations working in the dynamic industry and public institutions in Belgium are fuelling demand for professionals to fill SAP MM opportunities.

About SAP MM Jobs in Belgium

Although SAP has been historically popular with large corporations and government, there are an increasing number of SMEs using SAP software. This is due to the active targeting of this sector by SAP by the creation of new products designed to meet the specific needs of smaller companies.

This is changing the occurrences of SAP MM jobs available, with more vacancies appearing among smaller companies. Many industry sectors offer SAP MM jobs, including SAP MM contract positions, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, wholesaling, retail and pharmaceuticals. Due to the international nature of the Belgian economy, many SAP MM opportunities require multilingual candidates.

The = Dice works with many of Belgium’s top companies and institutions to assist them recruit high calibre candidates for their SAP MM opportunities. Companies like Lodestone, CAT Logistics, PIKON and K.U. Leuven advertise their SAP MM jobs directly on the site.

Salaries for SAP MM Jobs

Salaries for SAP MM jobs in Belgium vary greatly depending on job skills, experience and seniority. Salaries can range from €24,000 for entry-level positions, up to €70,000 for Project Manager SAP MM opportunities. SAP MM contract positions are frequently advised to have negotiable salaries, and will be determined depending on a candidate’s profile.

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